Micro-Credentialisation and Digital Assessment: DigiProf connects with EdDiCo

In springtime 2022, a team of researchers started collaborating in the DigiProf project on transparent assessment strategies for online learning, aiming to enhance the digital competences of professors. As Micro-Credentals are pivotal and indispensable features of future learning ecosystems, the EdDiCo Learning Maturity Model was adopted in DigiProf for describing competences in the area of digital assessment. CompetencesSubset 4.4, (Micro-) Credentialisation, is all about designing credentials for facilitating recognition. ‘Competence subset 4.5, Recognition, perfectly describes the purpose of transparent assessment. The current work in DigiProf centers around creating training material for digitally competent professors and educators, again referring to these two competence descriptions.

EdDiCo Learning Maturity Model discussed at EDEN 2021

The workshop “Digital Competence of Educators. Challenges to the Framework and Competence Development Programs” provided an excellent opportunity to discuss and validate the EdDiCo Learning Maturity Model for Digital Education Competence with experts in the field. The presentation is available here.

EdDiCo competence metamodel for digital education is available

The project has concluded the conceptual design of a competence metamodel for digital education taking into considering the results of analysing a set of the most relevant competence frameworks (see first results) and proposing a set of new digital competences for educators.

The conceptual design of this competence metamodel will serve as basis for the development of a learning opportunities catalogue and the whole EdDiCo system which will allow educators to self-asses their current digital competences, target a desired level of achievement, and receive recommendations in form of learning opportunities and resources that eventually allow them to bridge their digital skills gap. The overall report on the design process of the metamodel and its details are available here


EdDiCo results presented at EDEN2020

EdDiCo results (see Slides) were discussed at the online EDEN Annual Conference 2020 with the participants of the workshop “Creating contemporary learning environments for digitally competent teachers.”

We discussed the goals, challenges and expected outputs of the project and presented findings from the interviews with educators in Europe on digital competence needs and competence development. In addition to that, our presence at the EDEN conference enabled us to discover related projects in the field and to discuss potential synergies. We are very grateful for the valuable feedback that we received.




First results of EdDiCo project are already published

Project activities related to the definition of Competence Metamodel for Digital education competences have their first results published:

Needs and expectations of higher education teachers on digital competences (before and during the COVID-19 outbreak): Report based on a set of interviews to European teachers on digital competences