The creation of the Competence Meta-model for Digital education competences involved extracting a list of all relevant competences for digital educators from the various competence models which have been proposed in the last few years.  The main goal of determining such meta-model is the count on a mechanism to  be used as indexing or classification system for open resources.

The process followed by the project to define this meta-model included the following activities and results:

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    List of Digital Competences for Educators

    Based on analysis of existing Competence Frameworks for Digital Education, the EdDiCo researchers selected new competences that are not yet part of DigCompEdu, but that could be useful for educators. This new list is not intended as a definitive selection; rather , it is a dynamic proposal that can change according to EdDiCo findings and the feedback from educators and from the community of experts.

    The complete List of Digital Competences for Educators can be downloaded here.

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    Conceptual design of the EdDiCo Competence metamodel

    The conceptual design of this competence metamodel will serve as basis for the development of a learning opportunities catalogue and the whole EdDiCo system which will allow educators to self-asses their current digital competences, target a desired level of achievement, and receive recommendations in form of learning opportunities and resources that eventually allow them to bridge their digital skills gap.  Here’s a detailed explanation of the EdDiCo Competence Metamodel.