The Self-assessment and Recommendation tool aims to enable educators to make the best use possible of the available resources, the partnership had developed a tool whereby an educator can assess their current level of digital competence and set her/his competence goals to express the desired level of competence to attain. The tool  provides to the educator with a set of ‘recommended pathways’ expressed in terms of occupational micro-profiles, which would allow for her/him to follow a set of resources which combine different competences to reach specific career development goals, For those recommended path, the tool is able to suggest appropriate resources from the EdDiCo Directory so the educator can follow those learning opportunities to achieve the desired competence levels.

The process followed by the partnership to develop the Self-assessment and Recommendation tool included the following activities and results:

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    Mapping competences to ESCO

    Defines mappings between the competences dimensions and categories defined in the List of Digital competences for Educators (O1) and the ESCO competences. Those mappings are integrated into the descriptors used by the EdDiCo Directory to index the Learning opportunities and their availability ensures the interoperability of the EdDiCo tools with any tool or service which uses ESCO to suggest jobs or training.

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    Development of the self-assessment logic and tools

    You can access the developed tool using the button Self-assessment and Recommendation tool listed below.