With the advent of each new technology come predictions of fundamental changes in education. Yet few of these changes have been realized. Digital learning may indeed be the technology that breaks that pattern, but this will only come to pass if educators are empowered to take advantage of the technologies and methodologies available to them.

The EdDiCo project  aimed at empowering individual educators to


The potential technology hols to transform and improve the education they offer


The digital competences they would need to acquire to take advantage of those technologies and associated methodologies


The educational resources necessary to acquired those competences

The project developed the following set of results to provide educators with the required support:

The project beneficiaries

The project results’ benefits should be felt by all educational stakeholders showed next, but most concretely, students, who will benefit from faster adoption of digital pedagogies for their learning.   As educators  with improved digital competences will facilitate better learning opportunities and will support them to be better prepared and perform in the digital world they will live in.


are the main stakeholders of this project. They are direct beneficiaries of the tools generated in the project and had been involved  through their active participation in the validation activities

Educational Institutions

had been deeply involved in, and greatly benefit from, our work. The project results provide them with tools that will allow them to shift their focus to recognising and certifying continued professional development of educators in digital domains, rather than also needing to directly providing such opportunities.

Faculties of teaching and/ or pedagogy

will be able to easily modernise their curricula to include eLearning topics by reusing and/or repurposing materials collected by the project.

Policy makers

in education and training, at institutional and regional / national / European levels, had participated in the project’s dissemination events.