EdDiCo Self-assessment tool

This tool will allow any educator wishing to improve his/her digital competences to determine:
(A) which are his/her digital competences and career goals
(B) which are his/her level of competences as a starting point
(C) where and which are the gaps in competences, he/she needs to acquire to reach the career goals (A)

The tool uses those data and the occupational micro-profiles defined in the project and the EdDiCo Directory of Learning Opportunities to propose a set of learning materials that will help educators to master competences (B) and to reach their career goals (A).

It is highly recommended that users will first check the definition of all occupational micro-profiles  before starting to use the tool.

To start your self-assessment, please remember:

  1. You need to be registered and logged in to the system
  2.  After logging in to the system, you can select which of the following micro-profile better match your professional development goals to start using the tool: