Well-being pedagogies: activities and practices to improve the student experience online

With many concerned about the mental health effects of learning remotely, Elena Riva shares some helpful practices that can boost student well-being in the online teaching and learning environment.

The teaching and learning environment shapes and strongly influences students’ overall higher education experience. Classroom culture, course design, curricula, assessment, physical and virtual spaces as well as teachers and tutors all play a key role not only in students’ learning but in their personal well-being and ability to flourish.

Therefore, it is crucial to look at how we can create and sustain healthy learning settings, particularly in the current scenario with the challenge of intense online learning.

Learning environments that are student-centred and care-rooted and have the creation of a learning community at their heart have a positive effect on student well-being. Simple well-being pedagogies can be implemented for fostering such experiences throughout students’ time at university.

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