Video Production (proPIC interactive tutorial 5)

This video tutorial is intended for beginners and amateurs who are not familiar with recording and editing videos but who are motivated to learn how to do it. This tutorial gives you an overview of the video production process so that you will, at the end of this iBook, produce your own videos.
The iBook is divided into the following chapters:
1. Introduction
2. Film genres: characteristics and influence on video
3. Video production process
4. Editing software
5. Use of videos in language teaching
6. Sources

Introduction into video editing

Provided ByproPIC Europa was an Erasmus+ project, which ran from September 2017 to August 2020. Transnationally, the partners intended at empowering both, prospective teachers and themselves, teacher educators, to actively engage in lifelong learning processes and to cooperatively establish a culture of self-reflection, innovation and interculturality in foreign and second language learning and teaching. The project was determined by the interplay between research-orientation, transnational collaboration and the creative use of mobile-technologies. ​​Based on these elements, proPIC Europa generate a framework for a study programme that promotes professionalism, innovation and transnational collaboration in foreign language learning and teaching using mobile technologies which can be integrated in different curricula.
Type of providerEuropean project
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