SAM Self-help App for the Mind

SAM is a non-profit, community-backed wellbeing app to help you monitor and manage your mental health, with self-help techniques to help with anxiety, depression, loneliness and coping. SAM is informed by clinical best practice and academic research.

SAM provides a range of self-help techniques organised into several main well-being themes, together with tools for recording and monitoring changes in your well-being. The social cloud feature allows users to give and receive support from others. We ask you to be non-judgemental and sensitive in your interactions with other users. Depending on your circumstances and personal style, you may wish to explore the app and its self-help options before deciding how to make use of it; or you may wish to start with a more structured approach. For a structured approach, use the “Mood Tracker“ feature to record and monitor your experience and the “My Triggers” feature to record situations which affect you. Remember that persistence counts – our research shows that users who monitor over a longer period are more likely to learn to manage their moods If your institution provides a usage code, you can unlock additional content and social spaces tailored to your work, study or treatment community. For more information on this service, please contact

All self-help content is informed by established psychological principles. We have aimed to include self-help content that is supported by research, recommended by practitioners and/or rated highly by users. We have tried to offer the self-help options in a variety of formats to suit individual needs and preferences. SAM does not offer clinical diagnoses or therapy programmes although it does provide relevant links for these and to contacts for more immediate help.

Provided ByUniversity of the West of England working with Bristol-based digital studio MyOxygen
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Provided atonline
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