Professional involvement and development of teachers

Do you have challenges for professional collaboration? Perhaps you would like to learn more about the technological capabilities of communication within an organization? During this module you will learn how to purposefully use the possibilities of digital technologies in professional activities, cooperation with foreign partners, organization with colleagues to achieve common academic goals, as well as dissemination, publicity of work and improvement of professional competencies.

Type of providerHE Institution
EQF levelNo applicable
Workload in hours110 hours
Admission procedureOpen to all
Entry requirements noteIt is required to have basic digital competences
Price details150 eur
Type of credentialOpen Badge
Learning outcomeProfessional involvement and development of teachers
Learning outcomes as presented in the LOpp website. After completion of this course learners will be able to:
  •  select and use proper digital technology solutions to collaborate with colleagues to achieve common goals in a specific context
  • use digital technologies to share knowledge and experience and to introduce pedagogical innovations
  • critically evaluate your pedagogical and digital activities, identifying missing skills and anticipating areas for improvement
  • choose and formally or informally participate in online professional communities, using the acquired knowledge for professional development.
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