Output 4 – Digital Skills E-Assessment and Open Digital Badges for Adult Education

This report shows the work done for the O4.1 Digital Skills E-Assessment Tool. It covers work from May 2019 to  August 2021 on e-validation of digital skills for the DigiCulture MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).  During this period, the DigiCulture project has designed the e-assessment tool, performed user testing with cultural stakeholders and produced content for the e-assessment tool. The e-assessment tool was then developed and integrated into the DigiCulture VLH platform.

The e-assessment tool aimed to work as an assessment method, which could automate assessment of whether learners had achieved new competencies and knowledge, to the extent possible within an automated paradigm. It was developed as a Quiz module in Moodle and guidelines were created to make sure questions from all partners adhered to the type of exam needed. Upon completion of the exam the e-assessment tool provided a certificate if users passed. The certificates were translated into all 7 languages for all 13 courses.

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