Open Education: Fundamentals and approaches

The course “Open Education: fundamentals and approaches”, produced within the OpenMed project with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, aims to build capacity on Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER) among universities.

The course consists of five modules:

  1.  Introducing Openness in Education
  2. Open Licensing and Copyright
  3. Opening up Education through OER and MOOCs
  4. Localising OER and MOOCs
  5. Open Educational Practices.

The course can be either taken individually or through a HE institution. In the latter case it is possible to conduct a project work and be assessed and certified.

It is possible to run the available quizzes, in order to check the replies the individual learner should click on show feedback on the upper left of the screen. The course is accessible by registering (for free) with google single sign-on

Type of providerEuropean project
EQF levelNo applicable
Home page
Workload in hours40
Admission procedureOpen to all
Entry requirements noteThe course is addressed to university educators (professors, lecturers) from any discipline, with the following required characteristics: Basic ICT skills (use of computer, email, forum etc.) Curiosity and willingness to learn about Open Education Openness to re-think and question one’s educational practice High engagement with individual and group learning activities Open to constructive feedback, respectful to others Willingness to work in intercultural context and awareness.
Type of credentialNone
Learning outcomeOpen Education: Fundamentals and approaches
After having taken this course, learners will be able to:
  • Understand the potential advantages of adopting OER and open education approaches in different contexts.
  • Understand how content released under different kinds of open licences can be reused and apply open licenses to your content.
  • Search for, reuse and remix OER.
  • Understand what MOOCs are and how to produce MOOCs. Adapt OER and MOOCs to your specific context.
  • Incorporate open educational practices into your daily teaching.
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