OER and Sustainability Models

Training material will be developed on-line, partially as OER, with self-learning mode and face to face training option, providing existing successful OER – based sustainability models, interactive tasks and presentations in video and audio formats with explanations and examples.

Having successfully completed all training material, you will be able to:

  •  understand the approach of open movement
  •  describe/identify specific characteristics of OER
  •  find, select and use/reuse/make one OER
  •  analyse case studies of sustainable models of OER

Provided ByOpenProf -Training SessionTraining Material 01 from LE@D on Vimeo.
Type of providerEuropean project
Provided atonline
Learning opportunity typeOER
Home pagehttps://moodle.liedm.net/mod/book/view.php?id=1517&chapterid=89
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsFree
Type of credentialNone

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