Micro-credentials for Impact: Holding Professional Learning to High Standards Learning Forward

Paper on emerging technologies and learning innovations that enable schools and schools systems to provide the educators the real-time support they most need for meaningful, ongoing, professional learning.

Teachers, school and district leaders, and other stakeholders are driving a serious conversation to make sure the significant investment in professional learning is resulting in real impact on students. While ensuring engaging and effective professional learning for educators remains a struggle for many districts, professional learning remains a critical lever for districts in building the capacity of educators to achieve ambitious student learning goals.
As the expectation for more demonstrably effective professional learning for educators grows across the nation, both Digital Promise and Learning Forward have committed to a vision of ensuring that every educator engages in the kinds of learning that improves their practice and contributes to better outcomes for students. Digital Promise is advancing its mission through the development of an ecosystem of educator micro-credentials, and Learning Forward through their Standards for Professional Learning. These standards and micro-credentials, applied together, set a course for educator professional learning that is personalized, relevant, and results oriented.

Provided ByDigital Promise and Learning Forward.
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