Living in a Digital World: Skills & Tools (#DigitalWorldSkills)

By now, the use of digital content informs all aspects of everyday life. Thanks to smartphones, laptops and computers, we can be reached at any time. Nevertheless, many functions are only known rudimentarily.
This course wants to teach you, the participants, basic knowledge of current operating systems, of how to work with a file system using the Windows systems as an example, and of how to exchange files and edit them collaboratively.

During this seven-week course, various possibilities for creating and exchanging files will be presented. Different learning techniques will be used:

  • Through screencasts and screenshots with quizzes, we will present information via interactive content.
  • You will get the chance to link up with other participants, discuss the content and work up ideas together.
  • Finally, interactive questions will help you check your learning progress.

Type of providerMOOC provider
EQF levelNo applicable
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Workload in hours30
Admission procedureOpen to all
Price detailsfree
Type of credentialOpen Badge