Learning Designer Tool

The Learning Designer

The Learning Designer helps teachers and lecturers design teaching and learning activities using the six learning types from the Conversational Framework.

It also provides some feedback on your design by showing you the proportion of each of the different learning types in your eventual design in the form of a pie chart, so you can see where you might need to make adjustments.

The Learning Designer was developed by a team led by Diana Laurillard at the UCL Knowledge Lab and is free for anyone to use.

Type of providerHE Institution
EQF levelNo applicable
Home pagehttps://www.ucl.ac.uk/learning-designer/
Schedule informationLearning Designer Tool for teachers and educators. The corresponding tutorial for use can be found in another LOC called "Blended and Online Learning Design".
Workload in hoursn/a
Admission procedureOpen to all
Type of credentialNone
Learning outcomeapply blended learning
Be familiar with blended learning tools by combining traditional face-to-face and online learning, using digital tools, online technologies, and e-learning methods.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/b363bb5f-2c79-40af-94da-33e06f9dee9f
Learning outcomecoordinate educational programmes
Plan and coordinate educational and public outreach programs such as workshops, tours, lectures and classes.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/9525dcdf-5085-4143-bbae-544263acd63a
Learning outcometeach teaching principles
Instruct students in the theory and practice of teaching, more specifically in the different teaching methods, classroom management, and learning processes.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/112bf219-beb2-4028-bd28-d8ed643fa32f
Learning outcomeUsing digital tools for collaboration, content creation and problem solving
Using ICT software and hardware to collaborate and communicate with others, creating and editing new content (from word processing to images and video) and solving conceptual, technical and practical problems.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/S5.6
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