Identification of technologies used for recognising and verifying open credentials

The scope of this paper is to give an overview into different technologies used for awarding credentials.

An ‘open credential’ could be defined as a credential which is fully transparent and which can be used for a multitude of purposes. These might include accumulation towards qualification, as evidence of skills for employment or as a means of transferring evidence of expertise between countries. Such an open credential would fit seamlessly into European
recognition frameworks, and would be instantly verifiable at the click of a button, and would include all necessary information about the learning it represents. It would also allow collection by various software systems to create online CVs, backpacks etc. Initial work has already been done in this area by MIT and by the Open University (UK). This report is based research into technologies used for awarding credentials including digitally signed documents, blockchain, open badges, etc. The aim of the exercise was to map the field in such a way as to assess the adequacy of current technological solutions for issuing credentials, and identify any factors which are preventing them from being mainstreamed”

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