Higher Education Digital Capability Framework

The 2020 Higher Education Digital Capability (HEDC) Framework builds on the earlier model and adds a deeper focus on digital capabilities across the whole learner lifecycle. Institutional capabilities have been mapped to four connected dimensions across the lifecycle, from Demand & Discovery (DD) to Learning Design (LD), Learner Experience (LX) and Work & Lifelong Learning (WL). The framework encompasses current capabilities such as recruitment, curriculum design, assessment and career planning, but also looks ahead to future and emerging capabilities for successful digital learning.

Informed by academic research and with input from higher education leaders globally, the HEDC Framework offers an overarching view for institutions to map and measure digital capabilities across the learner lifecycle, ultimately to support practical and sustainable approaches to digital services and online learning.

The HEDC Framework is a learner-focused, practical and flexible approach to mapping and measuring digital capability in higher education institutions. The framework acknowledges educational literature on digital capability and grounds these in current practice using ongoing consultation, research and analysis with higher education leaders around the world. The Higher Education Digital Capability Framework benefits from a continuous and iterative feedback cycle informed by an engaged community of Higher Education professionals. The Higher Education Digital Capability framework identifies four core dimensions along the learner lifecycle: Demand & Discovery (DD), Learning Design (LD), Learner Experience (LX) and Work & Lifelong Learning (WL). Within these are sixteen capability groups or ‘domains’, with more than 70 capability blocks adding a further level of detail. Overall, the framework is designed to allow flexibility and interpretation in context; some institutions will find almost every capability block relevant to their organisational structure, activities and aspirations, whilst others will focus on a more specific set of capabilities applicable to their individual context.

The HEDC Framework looks at digital capability through a learner lifecycle perspective. The 4 Dimensions, 16 Domains and 70+ Capability Blocks help to consider how a digitally capable organisation can support and enhance learning and student experience at each stage of the lifecycle, from Demand and Discovery through to Work and Lifelong Learning.

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