Flinga in Higher Education: Pedagogical Module

An online pedagogical module designed for teachers (and students) for technology-mediated collaborative and creative learning

  • This module offers pedagogical content from scripts that cover a whole academic course to separate pedagogical modules ranging from 15 minutes to two-hour sessions.
  • The scripts are made especially with teachers in mind, but also students who want to use Flinga effectively, for instance intheir independent teamwork, can utilize them. The aim is to provide teachers with a practical manual about how to get the best potential out of Flinga in various situations during a comprehensive and engaging learning process. The modules are divided into three general phases of an engaging learning process with corresponding activity-based steps that are crucial and common in the context of education
  • The idea is that one can go through the whole script to create a complete technology-mediated learning process or just pick some of the modules and perhaps re-organize them into a whole new process. As Flinga is online, most of these modules work also in modern distance learning/ e-learning settings, free of the limitations of time and space.
  • In addition, we have evaluated every step on how they promote the development of 21st skills and how the regulation and level of learning are emphasized in the activities

It is designed to cover a process lasting one academic course. It consists of a planning phase, followed by three phases: 1. Activity and diagnosis, 2. Deepening learning process and 3. Reflection and conclusion. All of the phases also include specific learning activities.

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