eduID: 1 digital identity for students

eduID: one identity that students can use at any educational institution: before, during, and after their studies.

SURF wants to encourage and support flexibility and trends for lifelong development with IT. To that end, SURF has launched a number of projects, including eduID. The aim of eduID is to make available an umbrella digital student identity that is independent of an institution.

You can use eduID to:
• Identify and authorize students. With eduID, students can identify themselves at an institution and gain access to the necessary applications. See the pilot with edubadges.
• Exchange student information or results digitally between the student’s educational institution(s). He determines which data he shares and with whom. See the student mobility pilot from the Flexibilisation zone of the Education Innovation with IT Acceleration Plan.
• Simplify the registration process if a student wants to take a course at another institution.
• Keep a lifelong view and control of their own educational data. Think of completed courses, courses taken at an institution and linked edubadges, as well as completed courses and courses taken during their careers.
• Keep insight into educational careers at the end of studies or offering services to alumni.

The next few years will be marked by the further development of eduID. We will expand the existing services of eduID and we will do several proof of concepts and pilots. We are discussing our plans with the eduID sounding board group, educational institutions and with a number of other stakeholders such as Studielink.

Provided BySURF
Type of providerPrivate provider-International initiative
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Admission procedureHigher Education enrolment
Entry requirements noteCurrently only avaliable in Dutch universities participating in the pilot studies.
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