Digital Technologies—And Teacher Wellbeing?

Teaching is expert work that focus is on pedagogical and content competences. It is interactive work with the students, other members of the work community and external operators. This means that a teacher at a higher education institute is always working as a part of a professional community that has a central role in the teacher’s professional growth and occupational well-being. The day-to-day teaching work comprises both independent working and development work as a part of the community.

Type of providerHE Institution
EQF levelNo applicable
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Admission procedureOpen to all
Type of credentialNone
Learning outcomeMaintain psychological well-being
Be able to avoid threats to psychological well-being, for example while using digital technologies, including the maintenance of a healthy work-life-learn balance.
Related skill
Learning outcomeOpetuksen suunnittelu
Miten suunnitella opetusta tietotekniikkaa käyttäen?
Related skillteaching

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