Digital Skills E-Assessment Tool

This report shows the work done for the O4.1 Digital Skills E-Assessment Tool. It covers work from May 2019 to August 2021 on e-validation of digital skills for the DigiCulture MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).

This document is for the DigiCulture partners who will have to implement and integrate the e-assessment tool into their own courses in the DigiCulture VLH. Secondly, researchers who work in the field of education, can make use of this document to understand how examination in an online context can be utilized for assessment of digital skill. Finally, the creative industry sector who wish to create online training platforms can benefit from this document through an understanding of how to validate learning amongst trainees and online course participants.

The document addresses the following topics:
● E-assessment tool goals and scope.
● Method for designing the e-assessment tool.
● The current e-assessment guidelines include Preliminary Survey, Peer Assessment and Examination.
● Integration and development of e-assessment in partner courses.

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