Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Formative assessments are about checking for understanding in a meanigful way to guide instruction. They are used throughout instruction instead of at the end of the chapter or unit. If formative assessment is done well, the instructor will slow the instruction down when he or she notices that the students “didn’t get it” and then reteaches or reviews the material.

Formative assessments are not a “gotcha” quiz meant to punish students for behaviors they might be displaying. Instead they are about guiding where instruction needs to go next. They should be used frequently, and while or after students learn a new idea, concept, or process.

In the past few years, developers have been busy creating a variety of quality formative assessment tools. I have picked four different formative assessment tools that I have showcased in this lesson.

Your job is to view the four tools in this lesson first.  Then use the list that is linked at the end of this lesson and choose at least 2 or 3 formative assessment tools that you have not yet tried with students. Explore the tool indepth and complete the activity you are asked to do.

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