Data Analytics Tools in Higher Education

The paper presents 35 data analytics tools that have been developed and deployed by higher education institutions, addressing whether those tools offer means in favor of typical university processes and corresponding stakeholders.

“Nowadays, higher education institutions (almost without exception) use many software systems to automate the ongoing processes in all main areas (admission of students, training, student support, quality assurance, management, etc.). The wide range of the collected data has led to increased interest in the analysis of data to support data-driven decision making at all levels of educational institutions and stimulates research in the field of data analytics. In this regards, many organizations and universities are beginning to develop software tools that extract data from their systems and provide aggregated data in an appropriate format for all stakeholders. Data analytics tools have huge potential in higher education. They can offer personalized services to stakeholders that would not otherwise be available – e.g. a comprehensive view of the institution, the curricula, the teachers and the students; the opportunity of the university to improve the quality of the conducted training and the ongoing processes, etc.

The paper presents an analytical overview of 35 data analytics tools implemented and developed by higher education institutions.”

Project results will have a wide practical application in higher education institutions and will be tested among representatives of all stakeholders in monitoring and improving the selected target university processes.

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