Cybersecurity Awareness and Innovation

It’s not you, it’s me! What’s going on?

This course empowers students, professionals and the wider community to deal with cybersecurity attacks and risks focused on identity management and it is an introduction to the upcoming full course focused on cybersecurity awareness. It provides a practical overview of challenging issues like identity credentials management and security, e-mail threats and web impersonation, or web hacking. In addition to this, you will have a practical appreciation of innovation applied to these concepts through an interview with a renowned expert in fraud and cybercrime. The teaching staff consists of Iván Pau, UPM researcher and expert in usable security, and Román Ramírez, hacker and cybersecurity expert. Learning will be carried out by introducing use cases related to cybersecurity incidents, in a way that ensures participants to get really involved in the course. You will easily acquire practical skills and be ready to face real threats in a digital world. This course is part of an online programme developed by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (world-class tech university renowned for the quality of its education programmes and the research undertaken at its centres), Ferrovial (the world’s leading private investor in cities and infrastructures, with a workforce of more than 74.000 employees and operations in more than 16 countries) and EIT Digital.

Type of providerMOOC provider
EQF levelNo applicable
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  • Week 1: Identity and Authentication - What is digital identity? What are credentials? Why are credentials so important?
  • Week 2: Identity and social attacks - What are the main threats related with passwords? What are the best practices in password creation and management?
  • Week 3: Protection basics for information and IT devices - How web hacking works, new trends and innovation.
  • Week 4: The modern world: mobility and clouds
  • Week 5: Cybersecurity Today and Challenges
  • Week 6: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Workload in hours7
Admission procedureOpen to all
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
Learning outcomeCyber Security
The methods that protect ICT systems, networks, computers, devices, services, digital information and people against illegal or unauthorised use.
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