CPD Webinar: Creating and embedding personas into a digital curriculum to improve diversity and inclusion

The move to digital gives course designers and teachers an opportunity to look at diversity and inclusion through a less restrictive lens and make course content representative of a cohort. Changing the demographic of a department or teaching team takes time and is outside the scope of most individuals but changing and adapting the demographics of the content is relatively simple and could have a huge impact on student feelings of inclusion. In the Attributes and Aspirations course at Imperial College London we have tried to do this by using personas, or what we have named the ‘AA Avatars’. These give our content faces and histories that we hope add a visible element of diversity to our online course. This webinar will look at how our AA Avatars were created, discuss the different elements of diversity that could/should form part of a potential persona/avatar, and move into a discussion allowing participants to explore this further in their own contexts. We will then look at how our AA Avatars have been developed further and embedded as an integral part of our course. Once again, moving into discussions of how this can be achieved in the contexts of participants. We will share templates and prompt questions that have helped us, and that can be used and adapted in other fields.

Type of providerCorporation
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Learning outcomemanage digital identity
Create and manage one or multiple digital identities, be able to protect one's own reputation, deal with the data that one produces through several digital tools, environments and services.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/bc0b0b5d-f6be-405a-b224-b6902a4dbe97
Learning outcomestudy cultures
Study and internalise a culture that is not your own to truly understand its traditions, rules, and workings.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/56e30a60-0a87-4631-85ea-c69bc8bd0519
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