CPD Webinar: Creating an online environment for student collaboration and peer support

Over the years, we have all honed our teaching skills to deliver sessions that are both engaging and collaborative, on the basis that students learn more when they are actively engaging with the materials and with eachother. We have, perhaps, been spoiled for choice with software that has enhanced our teaching in the classroom. Additionally, we have worked to develop peer support structures for our students so that they don’t feel as though they are working and worrying alone – those student relationships are what can make all the difference to individual success and failure. When our Universities and colleges went into lockdown back in March 2020, our main concern initially was how we were going to deliver the materials to them on-line (or remotely) at all; as time has gone on, two separate concerns have emerged: 1. How can we develop and promote peer support for students who may never have met eachother and 2. How can we provide an inclusive and interactive “classroom” experience in an exclusively digital world? Whether you deliver your sessions purely on-line or remotely via Teams, this webinar aims to provide some thoughts about these two important teaching areas and some ideas on how Teams and other integrated software can be used to provide an experience as close to the classroom as it is possible to get through a screen. This is a practical session and participants are invited to bring their own issues, solutions or ideas to share and develop.

Type of providerCorporation
EQF levelNo applicable
Home pagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-k7LZXRccw&list=PLxoWy14N6f8tFKcS0upwrA9PAvwyemw5c&index=11
Workload in hours1
Admission procedureOpen to all
Entry requirements notenone
Type of credentialNone
Learning outcomeUsing digital tools for collaboration, content creation and problem solving
Using ICT software and hardware to collaborate and communicate with others, creating and editing new content (from word processing to images and video) and solving conceptual, technical and practical problems.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/S5.6
Learning outcomecoordinate educational programmes
Plan and coordinate educational and public outreach programs such as workshops, tours, lectures and classes.
Related skillhttp://data.europa.eu/esco/skill/9525dcdf-5085-4143-bbae-544263acd63a
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