Complete training in Moodle quizzes part 2

A lot of teachers don’t realise that Moodle quizzes can incorporate videos at all different levels. In this video I show you 4 different quiz types and different ways to add quizzes into Moodle with videos and pictures.

You can place video into to all the question types if you know how to do it. A lot of teachers are slightly confused about when and how they can add video into a quiz. In this video I am going to show you some great tricks when it comes to working with Moodle quizzes. Did you realise for example that you can include a video within a sentence completion activity? You can add video along with a gap fill activity? You can also create quiz types where you have to label a picture or a diagram, You will learn about 4 different quiz types in this video including working with multiple choice, drag text into picture, matching activities and text completion. You will see that with a bit of thought you can actually add videos into nearly all the quiz types in Moodle and this way you can make your quizzes much more interactive and varied, You will learn to add different types of video to your quizzes. So you will be able to add video uploading from your own computer or to add a video that you have embedded from YouTube. Many teachers tend to make their Moodle quizzes very heavily text based and the idea is that this will allow you to make much more varied quizzes with a range of different media and working in collaboration with a range of quiz question types.

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