Community Animateur Foundation Course

This course is addressing community animateurs and is enhancing the development of competences in three areas: Emotional Intelligence, Community Animateur specific competences and Digital compenteces. As the community animateur is working with youth, the part of the course related to Digital competences is offering an interesting set of opportunities for learning.

There are three modules relevant to the acquisition of Digital Competences in the Course. These can be taken independently and are:

  • Module 1. Organising and managing resources for online self-regulated development
  • Module 2. Programme and content creation
  • Module 3. Digitally Empowering Young People.

See a description of the modules here:

Within each Training Module you will find detailed instructions and recommendations (e.g. watching recommended videos, following links to read material related to the topics you are studying etc.).

Ffollow them step by step to maximise your returns and complete all proposed activities. Each Module contains 2 to 4 activities (depending on the subject and competences). In order for each Module to be considered successfully completed you will need to complete all activities and the final quiz. Guidelines on the online course available at

Provided ByCOMANITY project
Type of providerEuropean project
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Admission procedureOpen to all
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