Blockchain-based Micro-credentials: Design, Implementation, Evaluation and Adoption

This study examines a blockchain-based micro- credential system implementation with a particular focus on understanding user perceptions.

While blockchain technology has become increasingly popular, its applications extend far beyond finance and cryptocurrency. In particular, blockchain enables the generation and management of verifiable digital certificates which possess several system-level advantages when compared to current solutions. Still, does the utilisation of blockchain add value to the issuers and recipients of micro-credentials? Applying a design science approach, we design, implement and evaluate a blockchain-based micro- credential management system within a business school’s executive education unit. Qualitative evaluation reveals that such systems can decrease the overall cost and administrative workload. While issuers perceive the implementation as useful and low risk, the general knowledge regarding blockchain and its advantages, especially in the context of micro- credential management, is insufficient. We discuss this amongst other challenges that must be addressed before widespread adoption of blockchain-based micro-credentials can be achieved.

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