Formative assessments can range from simply asking a student to answer a question in class or complete an online quiz. No matter the process, the teacher measures student knowledge of the subject, obtains valuable data on the students and then uses the data to modify instruction. Check the wide array of quiz creation tools available that will grade student work and give immediate feedback.

The best formative assessment tools help students self-reflect and take control of their own learning. In this independent learning unit, we will be focusing on digital tools that give immediate feedback to the students. If your students have devices in the classroom there are numerous ways to assess your students from having them take a survey or a quiz to actively participating in a discussion forum.

Asking students to answer questions in class can take a lot of time and quite often the same students answer all the questions. Using a digital form of assessment, all students have to answer the same questions and everyone has a voice. The students will also get immediate or quick feedback so that they can adjust their learning.

After completing this unit, the educator will:
1. Know about the variety of digital assessment tools available online
2. Understand how to assess students with digital tools
3. Be able to create and use quiz and polling tools with students
4. Be able to create and use interactive and video assessments with students
5. Understand that course management systems have built-in formative assessments
6. Be able to create online interactive lessons
7. Be able to use online bulletin boards
8. Make connections with technology standards and best practice
9. Transfer the learning to professional practice by applying these resources to assess students in the classroom

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