Assessment and Documentation of Students’ Learning

This material will provide a guidance on how students should be assessed in how knowledge and skills are used to solve lifelong problems rather than traditional ways of testing. It aims to gather the experiences from the variety of learning methods and infrastructure tested out in courses with students and lecturers from several universities, with a focus towards institutions and decision makers.

This material covers the following topics:
1. General considerations regarding assessments of students.
2. A full process for the assessment that was developed and tested for the EPIC project. This includes for the students to define their background, role and contributions, milestones, and questions for peer assessment.
3. A presentation of the MECEPIC tool, which was developed as part of the project (available as an open-source tool).
4. An introduction to intercultural communication, which is included since it supports the students in working through the assessment process.
5. In the end, we have also included all documents and templates used to support the processes.

The goals of this course are to help teachers:
1. to better prepare students for both national and international labor markets in a globalized world
2. to promote the integration of active and problem-based learning into the curricula in order to increase the students learning outcome
3. to increase the labor market relevance of higher education programmes through closer collaboration between academia and industry
4. to foster closer collaboration between higher education and industry

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