A personal wellbeing plan

This course explores approaches educators can take to build and maintain their own wellbeing as a foundation for supporting the health and wellbeing of students, their families and colleagues.

While it’s important to recognise that your wellbeing at school exists within a broader context of the whole school approach to student wellbeing, there are aspects of our wellbeing that only we can take full responsibility for. This final Module provides you with the opportunity to reflect on what you are doing already that supports your wellbeing such as self-care activities, activities related to your role as principal or teacher and activities that you participate in as part of the school community. You will be encouraged to reflect on how these current activities are working, how you could improve or adapt them and then to add in any ideas that you now have based on your completion of this online course. You will have the opportunity to develop your own personal wellbeing plan to record your ideas and strategies.

After completing this module you will:
• Understand practical ways to support your physical and mental wellbeing
• Understand your role in building school approaches to educator wellbeing
• Develop a personal wellbeing plan

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