Living in a Digital World: Skills & Tools (#DigitalWorldSkills)

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • reflect upon the scope of digital literacy relevant for successful studies
  • name and describe different operating systems (e.g. MAC vs. Microsoft)
  • name different Internet browsers and choose a browser that best caters your needs
  • use your browsers effectively (organizing bookmarks, saving passwords, adapt settings to your needs)
  • explain the differences between data formats (pdf, jpg, gif, tiff)
  • create a folder and data-system in order to manage and store your data
  • choose from different programs (MS Office, Google Docs) in order to act upon your goals
  • create digital products like emails, documents and slides / presentations
  • select from different ways to transfer data from A to B (Appendix in Email, Dropbox, Wetransfer)