Expanding The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) – LO

Two major purposes of the study are:

  1. to identify the factors that influence faculty members LMS usage behavior and
  2. to determine the underlying causal relationships among the factors.

The core expectation is that understanding the factors that affect faculty members’ LMS usage behavior can shed light on the development, selection, training, maintenance and investments on such systems.

To this end, the current study utilized Davis’s (1989) Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a baseline model to predict faculty intention and usage of LMS in higher education institutions.

Also, this study proposes an extension of the original TAM by including three external variables: system quality, perceived self-efficacy and facilitating conditions in it and examines its validity in explaining faculty members’ LMS usage behavior.

By conducting an empirical study among university faculty members, this study presents important findings pertaining to faculty attitude under conditions of non-mandatory use of LMSs.

Based on the findings; the significant determinants of LMS usage are discussed