The course is composed of four areas, and each area foresees a set of activities leading to the digital empowerment of teachers and learners in a collaborative way, as follows:

Module Digital resources:

  • Search for OER
  • Modify existing digital content
  • create digital educational resources
  • create and organise digital resources
  • apply open licenses to your resources.

Module Teaching:

  • Design your own eLearning intervention
  • Implement ICT-supported collaborative learning
  • Guide and support students through e-moderation
  • Foster knowledge co-creation among students
  • create and select video resources for your teaching
  • Use games to improve learners engagement.

Module Assessment:

  • Explore digitally supported assessment strategies
  • Experiment different technologies for formative assesssment
  • Analyse evidence on learning activity, performance and progress
  • Use digital technologies to provide targeted feedback to learners

Module Empowering Learners:

  • Critically evaluate online tools
  • Discover the cost of free commercial social media platforms
  • Appreciate opportunities and risks of personalisation in learning
  • check technical accessibility of platforms and resources.