Design Your Creative Class – LO

In this course, you’ll hear from expert educators and creatives on how to design learning objectives that infuse creativity into your class, and view examples of creative learning outcomes in math, science, history, literature, and much more. You’ll also explore how Adobe’s creative tools can help you achieve your creative learning goals, irrespective of your level of technical expertise. Finally, you’ll learn where to find additional support, either through Adobe’s free online learning materials or the wider Creative Educator Community.

After taking this course, you, as an educator, will understand how to:

  • foster creative learning outcomes in your class;
  • scaffold and sequence creativity in your class;
  • provide peer and teacher feedback on creativity;
  • personalize and differentiate creative outcomes for each student;
  • foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all students;
  • encourage sharing and communication through creative learning;
  • plan for creativity through online or distance learning;
  • choose the right Adobe tools to help students express their creativity.