Creative Approaches to Assessing Micro-Credential Skills and Competencies: AI and Blockchain-Enabled Assessment

New approaches to assessment make use of simulation, games, video-based assessment, challenge-based assessments, oral presentations and other approaches. Rarely do they use multiple choice or short-form essays. The focus of these assessments is on the authentic assessment of a learner’s knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies.

This webinar will explore:

• Whether technologies like AI, immersive learning and blockchain will have an impact on skills-based learning and assessment
• Whether assessment on demand is possible
• If new approaches to assessment make a difference to employer and learner confidence in the value of micro-credentials
• If assessment through technology will lead to changes in how we look at the skills agenda
• The challenges of introducing new ways of approaching assessment
• When assessment-only credentials and assessment on demand will become part of the post-secondary landscape in Canada