Active Learning for Soft Skills Development

Full description of learning outcomes as presetned in the LOpp website: In terms of knowledge, you will be able to:

  • Recognise and describe key elements of teaching practice design in the frame of active learning methodology (ESCO knowledge).
  • Apply principles of constructive alignment to your curriculum starting with an effective formulation of ILO for soft skills (ESCO knowledge – ESCO skill).
  • Identify the key elements in defining an assessment strategy for ILO achievement when working on soft skills, elaborating the best strategies and preventing critical issues when applying active learning methods in your class (ESCO knowledge).
  • Experiment with and develop new formats and pedagogical methods for instruction (ESCO knowledge – ESCO skill).
  • Comprehensively support your students while they develop soft and digital soft skills.

In terms of soft skills and digital soft skills, you will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in digital environments or with digital tools (ESCO skill).
  • Positively and effectively engage with others (ESCO skill – ESCO attitude), experiment with different strategies and methods to acquire knowledge, know-how, skills and competences (ESCO skill). Share and exchange knowledge, resources and experiences with colleagues and peers(ESCO skill).
  • Use professional communities and networks to reflect on new pedagogic practices and methods and as a source for supporting one’s own professional development (ESCO skill). In terms of attitudes, you will be able to: develop a positive attitude towards new and challenging demands developing a Lively interest in novelty, an openness to experience, to exchange, actively explore and discover new areas (ESCO).