Learn to Analyze Educational Data and Improve your Blended and Online Teaching

This MOOC aims to support the development of both core and advanced competences for Educational Data Analytics of Online and Blended teaching and learning.

It is ideal for:

  • learning professionals (such as instructional designers and e-tutors) of online and blended courses
  • school leaders and teachers engaged in blended (using the flipped classroom model) and online (during the COVID19 crisis and beyond) teaching and learning
  • higher education students (undergraduates & postgraduates).

The MOOC combines theoretical knowledge on core issues related to collecting, analysing, interpreting and using educational data, including ethics and privacy, with practical experience of applying educational data analytics in three different e-learning platforms, namely, Moodle, the eXact Suite and the imc Learning Suite.


Workload in hours100
Admission procedureOpen to all
Type of credentialCertificate of participation
Learning outcomeLearn to Analyze Educational Data and Improve your Blended and Online Teaching
Learning outcomes: By completing this course you will:
  • know where to locate useful educational data in different data sources and understand their limitations
  • know the basics for managing educational data to make them useful, understand relevant methods and be able to use relevant tools
  • know the basics for organising, analysing, interpreting and presenting learner-generated data within their learning context, understand relevant learning analytics methods and be able to use relevant learning analytics tools
  • know the basics for analysing and interpreting educational data to facilitate educational decision making, including course and curricula design, understand relevant teaching analytics methods and be able to use relevant teaching analytics tools; understand issues related with educational data ethics and privacy.
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